Pakistan ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in 1990, the conditions of which are laid out below:


United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC)


Definition of a child: Child is recognized as a person under 18, unless national laws recognize the age of majority earlier. Non-discrimination: All rights apply to all children without exception. It is the State's obligation to protect children from any form of discrimination and to take positive action to promote their rights. Best interests of the child: All actions concerning the child shall take full account of his or her best interests. The State shall provide the child with adequate care when parents, or others charged with that responsibility, fail to do so. Implementation of rights: The State must do all it can to implement the rights contained in the Convention. Parental guidance and the child's evolving capacities: The State must respect the rights and responsibilities of parents and the extended family to provide guidance for the child which is appropriate to her or his evolving capacities. Survival and development: Every child has the inherent right to life, and the State has an obligation to ensure the child's survival and development.


Pakistan has taken steps to try to prevent the exploitation and abuse of these children, but it has yet to be strongly enforced, and according to PHS, it is treated as a side issue with the police officers.


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