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Photo by: Abdul Wali Baloch

May 18, 2018

When reading about the street children of Pakistan, their sexual abuse, the most common question one asks themselves is; why can they not escape this lifestyle?

The answer is not simple, it is an integration of the poverty life cycle, disease and societal taboo. To understand why, it is important that we first analyze the poverty life cycle and abuse of a street child.

Case study:

The life cycle starts out with a child who is born in to a poor family with six children already. The poor family may move to bigger cities from rural areas in the hope of work and a better economic condition. The father takes a job in a local mechanic shop. Assuming it is a boy in this particular case, is still able to go to school because the father is earning...

February 23, 2018

On Tuesday, the 9th of January 2018, the body of a little eight year old girl named Zainab was found amongst a pile of garbage. Her parents reported her missing days before yet the police failed to take any effective action.

Since then, this case, in particular has blown up all over social media and the #justiceforZainab has been trending on almost every single social media site worldwide. However, this incident is not an isolated incident. This incident just managed to grasp the attention of the social media- which is incredible as mostly every such case gets buried. Actors, actresses, and even politicians have offered their condolences and participated in protests around the country to bring light to this issue- even the army has offe...

January 7, 2018

The abuse and sexual exploitation of street children in the region of Peshawar is common practice today. This abstract will explore some of the cultural aspects that influence the continued perpetration of these otherwise illegal activities.

Whenever a common practice takes place, regardless if it is good or bad, there is always an external mindset that permits the practice to take place. Culture, religion and moral standards all play a prominent role- resulting in suffering of, usually, the lowest people. In Pakistan, the lowest of the low in the eyes of culture and society are the street children. To understand the abuse of street children, it is incredibly important to realize and their neglect and mistreatment is not only culturally...

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