A Pioneer of the Movement for Children

All around the world, children everywhere are experiencing sexual abuse at the hands of strangers and so-called “loved” ones. WHO reported in 2017 that 1 billion minors at that point had experienced some sort of sexual violence in their young lives. This topic is still considered taboo in many places, and as people become more educated on the matter, many of them are breaking the ice on this conversation.

Mo Naqvi, award winning documentary creator, made the groundbreaking film “Pakistan’s Hidden Shame” in 2014, shining a light on a widespread issue that plagues Pakistan (as well as many other South Asian countries) but is continuously silenced out of “etiquette” and “manners”. There are 1.5 million street children in Pakistan, every single one vulnerable to sexual abuse and attacks from adults.

Despite very little protection for these kids, there are many passionate heroes who work tirelessly to aid these children in as many ways as they can. Sahil is an organization in Pakistan that provides numerous resources to children who are at risk of being put in compromising situations or who are seeking help after. The organization’s goal is to expand into community centers, so that they may aid children nationwide. To hear more about what Sahil is doing, check out their website and read about all of the wonderful services they offer.

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